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Here you will find some examples of work that is most requested by customers, some of the titles are linked to a page with detailed information of the work involved and how much it all costs. Others are due to be uploaded on a continual basis and some of the description pages include pictures... but not all of them... yet!
Just click on a title to get more info.

There really is no limit to the types of repairs and customisation possible so if you need information on something not listed here please call us and have a chat... or e-mail us with a detailed description of exactly what it is you need and we will be glad to help!
don't forget to re-visit this site regularly to check out updated information on the titles below.

Class A setup (includes fret dress) £85.00 Class A setup (includes fret dress) £85.00 Headstock repairs from £85.00
Standard Setup £55.00 - £65.00 Standard Setup .00 Re-fingerboarding from


Refret - Maple fretboard (lacquered) £175.00- £240.00 Refret £175.00 Nut replacement £45.00
Refret - Rosewood fretboard £175.00 Replacement body top from £675.00 Refinishing from Enquire
Refret - Edge Bound neck (Les Pauls etc.) £185.00 Repair internal bracings £45.00 Machinehead replacements Enquire
Pickups supplied and fitted Enquire Pickups supplied and fitted Enquire    
Re-wiring from £75.00 Bridge saddle replacement from £38.00    
Bridge saddle replacements, from: £50.00 Custom made necks from £415.00    
Tremolo fitting Enquire Custom made guitars from £1,4.00    
Custom made necks from £399.00 Neck re-setting from £295.00    
Custom made guitars from £1,600 Under-Saddle pickups Enquire    
Custom made 3/4 guitars from £690.00        

This page will be updated on a regular basis as I finish constructing the link pages to the above titles. The existing link pages will also be updated with pictures and further, more detailed info. So, please re-visit regularly to benefit in full from the site.

As prices are being updated on a regular basis and the website is long overdue for an overhaul, please accept my apologies for any discrepancy between prices shown elsewhere on the website. Please be reasured though that if this is the case, the lower price is always the one that applies!


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