Here is a page dedicated to the humble re-fret, designed to put to rest the many questions and misconceptions I have heard over the years:
After maybe three or four fret-dressings, the frets on most guitars will be too low for easy playing and string bending and the time for a re-fret will have arrived!

A refret involves more than just changing the frets for new ones... it gives the whole instrument a new lease of life and includes refurbishment of the fretboard and a full service and full set-up to put the icing on the cake.

Why not change just some of the frets?

Sometimes a partial re-fret is all thats needed but:

But wont it devalue a vintage instrument?

Will it shorten the life of my guitar?

So what do I get for this not-inconsiderable amount of money ?




Electric, acoustic and classical guitars with un-lacquered fretboards (e.g.: Rosewood Strat or Takemine acoustic)


Electric guitars with lacquered fretboards (e.g.:Maple Strat)

£165.00 - £240.00

Electric guitars with bound edged fretboards (e.g.: Most Les Pauls)


Most other instruments (Banjo's, Mandolins etc.)