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Martin Neck Reset

Electric D-Bass Headstock
12 String New Headstock



Martin D28 Neck reset


This Martin D28 was well overdue for a neck reset due to the action having risen to an unacceptable level.. This is quite normal practice for a guitar of this quality after several years use and is caused by the whole guitars structure settling with age.

The neck was carefully removed, taking care not to mark or damage the guitar in any way. The neck slot was then prepared and cleaned up.

The neck heel was re-cut and trimmed to change the angle of the neck to the body. This operation is carried out to extremely critical tolerences as Martin necks are fitted to the body AFTER each has been sprayed. The joint must therefore, be absolutely perfect with no "touching up" or refinishing around the joint afterwards.

Hofner body repair1.
After test fitting to ensure the joint is tight and the neck lines up with the bridge, the whole thing is glued and clamped up.
Hofner body repair4
Voila! One perfect Martin!

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