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Electric Double-Bass Headstock Repair


Martin Neck Reset
Electric D-Bass Headstock
12 String New Headstock




This 1950's electric "stick" bass was severely fractured at the headstock due to the ignorance of of a certain airline. To complicate things, I had already repaired the headstock on this instrument on at least two previous occaisions. The customer who is a hard working professional session musician is very caring of his kit, but this poor baby has had a good deal of bad luck and is particularly heavy and awkward to move around!

It is testament to a properly carried out repair that the headstock fractured in a different place each time!.... Here we go again!

Looking a bit sorry for itself.
Not a lot of surface area to get the glue onto either.
Plus several splits along the length of the head reaching as far as the top tuning peg hole

Got to be clever and inventive here. This is where the art of repairs is... not the gluing... but the clamping.

The smart buggers among you will undoubtedly be cursing me for not using padding under some of the clamps? The only un-padded ones are in "blind" areas of the repair. ie. under the machinehead plate areas etc.

Fwoaar. Look at that!
Like new... well, like 50 years old and good as new anyway.

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